Our Clients

Skala works together with the clients, being a team to collaborate and achieve the goals. Gaining insights and creating changes.

Our Past Projects

Case Studies

D-Laundry Social Media Content

D-Laundry wanted their Social Media accounts to be managed as the leading reference for the audiences in terms of taking care of their clothes. They wanted the content of social media to be engaging so they can interact more with the audiences.

Graviol Landing Page Website

Graviol already have a concept for its Website. We offered some recommendations and execute it. We provided the copy write, illustrations, and the layout design

SASA ASMR Experience

Work with SASA branding & chef team to introduce and raise SASA product awareness through SASA ASMR Experience cooking video

Documentary Film - The Story at the end of the Twilight

We worked together with Perkumpulan Prakarsa and their gate-keeper in Polewali Mandar & Pacitan from Documenter Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production to accomplish comprehensive Documenter Video Adapted from their research

I love working with Skala

Lizzie Thompson

Skala gives us a lot of insight through digital ecosystem nowadays

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